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Get ready for Summer with my New Program SHAPE THE BODY 1.0 at Home Full Body Program!

This workout program was created to help you SHAPE your body how you have always dreamed! Improve your health and move your body at home with little equipment. If your goal is to get in shape and keep you healthy while working out at home, this program is for you. It suits beginners through advanced. 


What’s included:


- 3 Glutes & Leg days!

- 2 ABS and Upper Body days!

- Glutes Activation

- 4 pages of Frequently Asked Questions

- Unlimited emails with me!

- 4 Week Program to follow with written explanations and pictures of all exercises 

- Workout routine for the entire week!

- Works your entire body 

- Access to a private exercise library where you can see video demonstration for all exercises

- Overview about nutrition 

- Supplements recomendations

- Workouts get more challenging as the weeks go on

- This workout guide includes Progressions, Reps & Sets, Resting time between exercises

- Cardio


What’s Needed:


- Exercise Mat

- Set of dumbbells (or Bodyweight!)

- Resistance bands