How To Lose Weight?

Hi beautiful! I’m here to share some tips that can definitely help you on your weight loss journey. 
If weight loss is one of your main goals, it doesn’t have to be complicated. You’ll need to be eating fewer calories than what your burn each day. Do this consistently, and regardless of what foods you eat or which nutrition plan you follow, you will lose weight. 

Here are some tips to follow if you would like to lose weight!

  1. Eat on a caloric deficit (meaning to eat less calories than what your body burn)
  2. Increase the amount of weight that you lift
  3. Add some cardio
  4. Eat protein at every meal
  5. Eat vegetables
  6. Drink a lot of water
  7. Get at least 8 hours of sleep per night
  8. Cut out calorie containing beverages
  9. Cook your own meals
  10. Opt for baked/grilled over fried foods
  11. Stay consistent & be patient 


Remember that you results take time but if you are consistent with your nutrition and exercise activity, you will get amazing results. 

If you would like to learn more on which foods to eat in order to achieve your goals, I can help you with my customized meal plan. It will be based on your goals to either lose weight, build muscles or maintain. 

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