Get to Know Me! :)
Hi, My name is Heidy and thank you for being here!
Let me tell you more about myself. Growing up I never played any sports or wasn't into working out. When I started working out at the gym, all I used to do was cardio, (I was a cardio queen). I never thought that it was possible to shape my body the way I wanted by doing exercises and eating healthy. 

At the beginning it wasn't easy. It was hard for me and it took me some time to adapt to this new lifestyle. I was very consistent with my workouts and being more conscious of the food that I was eating and as soon as I started to see changes I became addicted to it, literally! I didn't want to miss a day at the gym. 

Since working out was part of my daily routine I became more curious and wanted to learn more about. When women from different places started to reach out to me and asking for my help, that was when I decided that I needed to do my part and be there for them. I always was doing my research online, trying to learn the most I can and then I got my certification. I got my personal trainer certification and two specializations in Fitness Nutrition and weight loss through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). 

I want to inspire you to be healthy, get stronger and feel confident in yourself. 
I have created these workout programs based on my experience throughout my own journey and I want to be able to help you get the same results I got, because it is possible to feel better not only on the outside but more importantly on the inside. If I did it, anyone can do it! And I believe in you. 

With Love,