Welcome to the 8 WEEK CHALLENGE!

I am so excited you are here! If you are looking to get stronger, build muscles, create a healthy lifestyle, feeling energized and have fun, then this challenge is for you!

During these 8 weeks you will receive 5 workouts per week. We will focus 3 days on lower body (legs & glutes), 2 upper body days & ABS.

The workouts will be 45-60 minutes
long and you can do it on your own time. You can either do this challenge at home or gym.

At home, you will need:

A pair of dumbbells

Resistance bands

A chair or bench

To enter to the challenge, you must be subscribed to my app & join my Facebook group of amazing ladies holding each other accountable, sharing your progress, sweaty selfies, asking questions, etc.

The intensity of the workouts will
increase week by week. Try and increase the weight each week to push yourself.

Remember to focus on proper form to get the best results and try to finish the entire week. I promise it will go by fast! YOU GOT THIS FAMILY!

Don’t forget to tag me @heidy.espaillat and engage on Instagram, Facebook Group & App! Sharing/tagging your progress will increase the chances for you to win the big prizes!