10 Easy Tips to Grow Your Hair




Hi beautiful! For the longest I wanted to share my tips on how to grow my hair and it is finally here. I always get so many Dm's and messages asking what to do for a healthy hair and I know the struggle because I was there once. 

Here are my tips:

1. Only wash my hair when I need to. I wash my hair once a week. It helps to keep the natural oils from your hair. 

2. I use Sulfate free hair products. My favorite is OGX- Renewing + Argan Oil from Morocco. (Sulfates can remove the natural oils from the hair)

3. I like to add a few drops of 100% Organic Argan Oil from Trader Joe's (you can use any brand) on my ends a few hours before washing it.

4. I do not brush my hair when it is wet. I prefer to brush it when it is dry and use a proper technique. Brush the ends first to remove tangled and then from the roots to the ends. 

5. Apply a heat protectant if you are going to use heat on your hair. Try to use minimum heat on your hair.

6. I personally do not add extra oils to my hair after getting a blowed out.

7. I color my hair every three months. 

8. Scalp massage increases hair thickness and make follicles strong. 

9. I have been taking BCAA/EAA from @1upnutricion (save using code HEIDY) for years and it has helped my hair growth. This contains collagen which help with skin, nails and hair growth.  

10. Make sure you are eating a balanced diet. 

I will suggest to become more aware of the hair products that you use and drink a lot water. It has been a journey to grow my hair but if you take good care of it, it will grow.  


  • Thank you so much!!! These tips are really useful :)

  • Thanks for the tips!

  • These are all great tips, thank you!!

  • You have beautiful hair! I love the length and shine. Do not ever cut it!

  • Hello, I was wondering if you could send a link of the shampoo and conditioner you use.


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